Interview of Cricket Fans – 84

Jay – So first of all, tell us what exactly happened on July 27, 2020?

On 27th July, actually, nothing happened, it was just a normal day, I was scrolling my timeline and Ratnish’s tweet surfaced on my timeline and I just wrote what I felt at that time. I support KKR and CSK and obviously when you are a supporter of a specific team(s), you want that team(s) to go and play Playoffs but when I was writing and thinking about each team, I felt that CSK, KXIP, KKR and RR won’t go (for KKR I actually replied to my friend’s tweet and I said it won’t go). For CSK when this team was formed in 2018, I knew they will get an offseason and I thought this might be the year. For RR, I felt that they do not have a good combination of Foreign and Indian players and that is why I put them in the last position. For KXIP, I actually thought that they will repeat 2018 kind of season. The reason I chose Delhi in top 4 was I felt they have a near-perfect team to reach Playoffs, for Bangalore, because of their overseas purchase and Katich-Hesson mentorship and Mumbai we all know it is the best T20 team in the World. The reason why I felt Hyderabad will win was when I was thinking about SRH, I strongly felt that yeah this team can go and win the title and also we have seen David Warner’s captaincy in 2016 how he led SRH to maiden title victory, so this time I had goosebumps about SRH and I wrote it “SRH will win IPL”. So this is the story, simple, plain, non-technical thinking behind my predictions, I just wrote what I felt at that time, I would say it was a gut feeling, people could call it as luck.

Tweet of @LoyalSachinFan

Jay – And how did this go viral?

Many people do their predictions before the start of the tournament but to be honest, after I wrote my predictions, I didn’t even remember that I had also done the predictions until KKR beat RR in their last match and RR was placed at the bottom, this match reminded me about my predictions and I quoted it. At that time 4 off 6 went correct and 2 were left and it somehow landed in Telugu Twitter, I don’t know it landed but as soon as it landed in Telugu twitter, it started to get likes, retweets, and I started to gain followers, I remember I got around 2200 followers in 24 hours and next day after tweet started to go viral there was RCB vs DC and both teams locked their places in Playoffs and my 5th prediction went correct and after that, it started to gain more and more attention and following day SRH reached Playoffs, nobody thought that they will lock their place because they had only 4 wins out of 11 matches and they almost got eliminated but they turnaround their performance and booked a ticket for Playoffs and my prediction that SRH, RCB, MI and DC will play Playoffs went correct and after that, it gained more and more spark which was just unbelievable.

@R3Mitul’s quoted tweet that went viral.

Jay – What was your initial reaction once it went viral?

To be honest, initially, I never thought that 4 off 6 predictions will go correct because I only remembered that I wrote RR will finish last, I had no idea what was my other predictions and when I quoted that tweet, it gradually started to get more attention. I actually had no idea that this tweet will go crazy on social media. I had no clue. I was happy yet surprised to see a tweet getting lots and lots of attention. It was umm I don’t know a dream maybe, haha!!

Jay – Did people really approach you to predict their future?

Oh yeah, many people, I was getting most of the dm’s asking to predict about their future, two guys even uploaded the photo of their palm and asked me to predict. It was a hell of a crazy ride.

Jay – Which is the funniest question that you received?

One question I found most funny was when a guy approached me and said that he has lost his Facebook account due to copyright issue, so he asked me to predict when he will get back his Facebook account? People asked me who will win 2nd Eliminator between SRH and DC, that I found funny too.

Jay – Is this the first instance where your prediction came true or have you predicted correctly before as well?

Well, before this my tweets used to get jinxed, so I deliberately post tweets which turn into jinx, so yes technically this is my first time my predictions went correct.

Jay – So you had to tell people that you are not an astrologer at all through your Twitter bio?

Haha, yes umm when this tweet started to spread like fire, people started calling me Jofra, Nostradamus 2.0, Indian Jofra, Scriptwriter, so I joined the bandwagon and changed my bio to “Modern Day Astrologer, I don’t predict, I write Scripts” and then it started to spread like fire, and this was at an initial stage, I never knew it will spread like a fire in a forest, this tweet came into local Telugu news channel and they started calling me astrologer and that’s when I thought to stop this madness and I decided to remove and change the bio and tell the people that I am not who they thought who I am.

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