Interview of Cricket Fans – 82

Thank you for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of this sport.

My early memories, ummm thinking back to the time when some cousins used to bully us while watching a cricket match & asking us about score, overs and then make us pronounce those tough names of players. When we make mistake, they used to laugh. And then there is my father, cricket was and is his passion. Sadly, he didn’t make it up to the national team after trying several times. My father used to bring me to grounds he was playing at & I watched him & others playing. Those are the days which developed my interest in cricket.

What has the been positive impact of cricket in your life?

To be honest, cricket is one of those rare things in my life I get pleasure from. It is therapeutic in many ways. I get very less excited about things happening in my life and cricket is the lone thing which makes me excited. So yeah, the more I indulge myself into this sport, life seems interesting afterwards. Plus, I’m the person who discusses ideas, & there is plenty in cricket to discuss and there are more people here with whom you can have discussion & exchange ideas.

Which cricketer’s story inspires you the most?

What inspires me the most is wisdom. It doesn’t matter for me what a cricketer goes through in his personal life. What inspires me is how likely they are on the field, how much they have groomed themselves & how they have contributed to this sport. I have seen Umar Gul’s hard work on the field. Imran Khan’s sports approach inspires me. How Dhoni evolved & how much Adam Gilchrist & some others contributed to cricket. Not one, many inspired me.

So tell us your views on Pakistan cricket in the present scenario.

Pakistan’s cricket currently is I think experimenting & experiencing a lot. I think most of the new talent flooding in & old ones not performing up to the mark, things are getting confusing by now. You do your analysis on stats the players possess but in Pakistan’s case when you’re looking forward to upcoming New Zealand series you just can’t rationally think of what will happen. In T20 with the experience Pakistan has, it will survive I believe but for the toughest format, our experience ratio doesn’t seem normal. With just Babar, Azhar, Abbas and some other names with test experience, the majority is inexperienced & we don’t know what to expect. So yeah till any big tournament we may find a perfect team in the end. Fingers crossed.

We have seen a bit of Babar Azam in the captaincy role, will it affect his batting in the long term? Also share few words on Babar Azam.

One thing I admire about Babar is how he struggled to become what he is now. He has experienced a lot. It’s too early to say if the role of a captain would affect him negatively or maybe it turns into a positive sign for him and his career. He embraced the role himself, so no question on authorities to overburdening him. Of course, such things happen with the player’s consent & performance. Time will decide the pros & cons of having Babar as captain of all formats. Personally, as I said, I admire wisdom & I believe Babar got the edge for that. His temperament & intent shows how rationally he performs on the field.

Were you surprised when Mohammad Amir announced retirement from the longest format of the game? How much will Pakistan miss his services in this format?

I always say, Amir could’ve performed his best in test cricket. Even many sighs when they discuss Amir’s retirement from test cricket. Amir’s experience & the magic with the ball he possesses might have benefited us more in first-class cricket. But if only…. sigh!

Share your memory of that victory against India in the Champions Trophy 2017.

I was preparing for my Medical college’s entry test after intermediate. My hostel dorm had that little screen on which I watched the whole tournament. On the final day, I got back to the hostel past 05:00 pm & watched the match onwards. Broke fast with eyes on TV (it was the month of Ramadhan). Literally the city of Abbottabad was buzzing all over with excitement. And I being still a teenager, walked out with friends on roads just to enjoy people celebrating it. One of the most exciting nights I have experienced while celebrating.

Pakistan-India rivalry has gone off in the last couple of years for obvious reasons, what are your thoughts about this rivalry?

One and foremost thing, never involve sports in politics. Rest, I find it this rivalry amusing & exciting. Nothing more! And the political scenario, let the politicians play that game. Cricket fans don’t give a damn to that. PS; I’m a big Rohit Sharma fan 😉

Pakistan is always known for producing fearsome bowlers, how do you rate today’s generation of fast bowlers from this part of the world?

There is a say that we never felt the need of a Sachin while having bowlers like Shoaib, Wasim, Waqar. They are right and this claim seems undisputed as well. Pakistan always had an X-factor like that. Presently in first-class cricket, Abbas has that factor and of course, Shaheen is considered as modern new ball bowler who is aggressive and is a fearsome bowler. All eyes on Naseem, Hasnain, Usman Qadir and many newcomers with different traits & abilities. Could be fiery. Most experienced of all is Wahab and is in form and sometimes wins matches and aggressive enough to be feared. Shadab is emerging as a good all-rounder. So like always I’m having fate in our bowlers. Amir Junaid & Hassan were the best we had recently.

Your all-time Pakistan-India XI?

My all-time playing XI from Indo-Pak would be :-

Sachin Tendulkar
Saeed Anwar
Virat Kohli
M. Yousaf
MS Dhoni (wk)
Yuvraj Singh
Kapil Dev
Imran Khan (C)
Wasim Akram
Saeed Ajmal
Umar Gul.

Thank you for this comment on my previous post.

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  1. It is nice to get a people to people feel whatever may be otherwise be the case between governments.Your concept of demystifying the game,star and journos and making us feel or see it,is daring. You show immense courage and self-belief,Bhavsar .The fan interviewed justifies your faith in common knowledge and insight.Enjoyed his love and understanding of the game.

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