Interview of Cricket Fans – 81

Jay – What are your early memories of this sport?

So my earliest memory of watching cricket was in 2002, details are bit fuzzy but it was an ODI involving Sri Lanka. But 2003 World Cup was the one event which really kickstarted my love for the game and I am eternally grateful to my mom for that as she used to watch it regularly and got me into the sport.

Jay – What is the positive impact of cricket in your life?

There are many but one thing it’s taught me is that there is no greater feeling than to be entirely consumed in an act in such a manner that you lose track of time, yourself and world around you just for the sheer joy of doing that act.

Jay – Which cricketer’s story inspired you the most?

Its hard to pick, nobody who has reached this level is less inspiring than the other but I would go for Pathan brothers.

Jay – 3 ICC trophies in the last 13 years, your memories of each event?

2007 is the closest to my heart, the semifinal against Australia was something which would be hard to top as a game for my inner Indian fan perspective. 2011 WC I sort of expected India to win the whole thing and with few hiccups they eventually did but the celebrations after the finals were insane with my friends. 2013 CT was one tournament which India exceeded expectations, I was listening to radio commentary (as I was in someplace where couldn’t access internet or tv) and still remember cheering out so loud during that Ishant over, it was amazing.

Jay – Who is your favourite Indian cricketer amongst the younger generation?

Not exactly young but that would be Sanju Samson, all extraordinary players have one quality, they make it look it easy and Samson makes batting look like child’s play. It would be a shame if he is not able to fulfill his white-ball potential at the highest level.

πŸ“· – Sanju Samson’s Instagram

Jay – Should Rohit Sharma be given the role of the captaincy in limited-overs irrespective of how Virat Kohli has performed as captain in his tenure so far?

Captaincy can be split to share the burden, so I would like to see Rohit Sharma as T20 captain, but other than that there is no merit or relevance to changing a captain if the set of players are the same, it hardly makes any difference.

Jay – How badly is India missing the services of Bhuvneshwar Kumar at the moment?

I don’t think India is missing Bhuvneshwar Kumar that much, as I personally would play Mohammad Shami over him. The lack of PowerPlay wickets in recent LOI matches by the bowlers is a concern but current Bhuvneshwar Kumar is not the answer in my honest opinion.

Jay – Has he lost his touch? Kumar? Do you feel he hasn’t been at his best off-late?

His greatest asset of moving the ball both ways with accuracy seems to be missing, he would still be a great choice for few overseas Test tours like England and South Africa especially if you add his solid batting technique against the moving ball apart from his primary skill.

Jay – How can India improve its T20 game?

Simple, make the captain and management understand that T20 is not condensed form of an ODI but rather an extension of not yet popular format T10.

Jay – If you had to give one controversial opinion about anything related to cricket, what would it be?

“Captaincy” which is different from leadership is highly overrated and has almost no effect in outcomes over a large sample size.

Jay – You seem to go hard on players in your tweets by mocking their name and undermining their achievements, although some are very funny don’t you think its sometimes very harsh?

Oh it is harsh and I try not to cross the line but you never know in the moment, but at the end of the day, I am no more than a Twitter troll having a laugh which I have nothing but utmost respect and admiration for every player playing at that level including the ones I might troll the most.

Jay – Your all-time XI in any format you prefer?

Alyssa Healy
Virender Sehwag
Ricky Ponting
Kevin Pietersen
Yuvraj Singh
Adam Gilchrist
Abdul Razzaq
Shane bond
Brad Hogg
Ravichandran Ashwin
Shoaib Akhtar

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