Interview of Cricket Fans – 79 – Australia

Jay – What’s it like growing up in Australia where Cricket is one of the most popular sport there?

It’s a different cricket culture than most. At times cricket in Australia get like a contact sport, and outside of the West Indies, I can’t think of another cricket culture that was so dominated by working-class people. You also don’t get to appreciate other cricket cultures as we were told that Australia was so good you wouldn’t learn from other teams.

Jay – Who was your favourite cricketer from the 80s or 90s era?

Ian Harvey or Matthew Elliott. I grew up as a Victorian fan, more so than an Australian supporter. So I was at the MCG all the time watching them, Elliott’s straight bat and pull shots were aesthetically pleasing. And Harvey was such a multi-skilled cricketer, he could seemingly do everything.

Ian Harvey

Jay – They have won 5 World Cups till now which is the most by a country, your memory related with each trophy?

I was 7 for the first one, and I was confused about why they were wearing whites in an ODI. The second one I remember trying to wake my old man up to tell him the semi-final was the greatest ODI, he hated them and refused to get out of bed. I was there in 2003, and like an American overseas I got to know just how much everyone hated us. 2007 I remember the darkness and inevitableness. 15 was the crowd roar when Starc took B-Mac.

Jay – Your favourite Australian captain – Ricky Ponting or Steve Waugh?

Leadership is the worst thing to judge, doing it across eras is worse still. You’ll get a lot of genius idiots lining up to give their thoughts on this. And I’d never get involved.  Waugh was better though, right?

Jay – When you see the current crop of cricketers especially the young one’s from Australia, which are the players you feel can make it big in the international arena?

Will Pucovski. In a previous era of Australian cricket, he wouldn’t have even been around. He’d have been seen as soft, fragile, not up to it. But in truth Pucovski has already overcome so many obstacles to get this far. Excited to see what he can do in Tests.

Jay – The Ashes 2019 was such an even contest as both teams ended the series 2-2, your thoughts on that series?

Think Australia gave away the win in the last Test and had Smith played the entire series they would have won. Both were talented and flawed, plus they matched up well. So that made it entertaining.

Jay – Who is your favourite Indian cricketer amongst the current lot?

I love Krunal Pandya. Think he’s an incredibly underrated t20 player, he bowls dour dots and slogs sixes.

Jay – How excited are you for the upcoming Border-Gavaskar Trophy?

It should be a very good series. I’m excited about most Test series.

Jay – What would your dream team look like?

11 Mithali Raj’s

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