Interview of Cricket Fans – 74

Thank you for your participation in this interview, What are your early memories and how did you fell in love with Cricket?

Thanks for having me. Even though I started playing cricket very early in my life I wasn’t much of a TV viewer. Thanks to the busy lives of my parents. Even though I fell in love with the sport way earlier, the moment I fell in love with watching the game was during the 2010 IPL final. I became a fan of Suresh Raina after that match.

Have you been to a stadium to watch an international match live? If yes any experience you would like to share?

I haven’t been lucky enough with international matches but I’ve been to a few IPL and CLT20 games and almost all of the practice sessions that CSK had in 2019. Even though I have been to an actual IPL game it will never come close to the atmosphere Chepauk was surrounded by in 2019. Even after those two very long unfortunate years, we couldn’t get to witness our team in action in our home ground for more than one match. CSK fans filled with love and emotions hurdled up into the ground, filling the entire stands within a few minutes after the gates were opened. I still remember the first session after the man himself landed in Chennai everyone was expecting him to walk in after the fall of each wicket. Just like that Lyon incident in Ponting’s farewell test match everyone kept cheering for the wrong players. The crowd got tired of being fooled and kept silent for a moment and that’s when he walked in. Alone, in the stadium filled with people holding their breaths in anticipation just for a moment and they all erupted in joy as he did the signature shoulder roll. I could literally feel the vibrations of “Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni…” In my chest. I was accompanied by my best friend who was a die-hard Kohli fan and he himself started chanting along. That’s how surreal it was.

Share your memories of each ICC event India won in the past 13 years.

2007 T20 WC will always be special to me since it happened just a day before my birthday. Felt like an actual birthday gift. The first-ever major ICC tournament finals I watched live and they won it. Expectations were set high on the ICT for me. I didn’t even know who dhoni was when I watched it. Back when I used to watch matches for the whole team.

2011 finals was the first emotional finals for me, considering the fact that I started watching cricket regularly on TV. I came to know about Sachin and how big of a deal he is to us and I wished we win the match just for him and I am glad we did it.

I became a full-fledged cricket fan during the 2013 ICC champions trophy. But things are different now. IPL is a thing. So many things are at stake. Dhoni could be the first-ever captain to win all 3 ICC Trophies. Enjoyed that match to the fullest. Winning the match and as a cherry on top, the CSK bunch did well in the finals. Happy memories.

I am assuming you are a big fan of Dale Steyn since you have kept his picture as your Twitter dp. Few words on the legend?

I’m a big fan of any bowler who bowls fast and as far as fast bowling is concerned Dale Steyn is the epitome of it in the modern-day cricket. He is the guy who got me hook, line and sinker for test cricket. I won’t lie I wasn’t someone who used to watch test matches and Test matches never felt the same after I fell in love with the art of fast bowling. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried to imitate Steyn’s action. He’s just so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. His run-ups, his crazy eyes and the way he celebrates his wickets just rejuvenates me no matter how down I am.

How much does the franchise Chennai Super Kings mean to you?

This. I don’t even know where to start. The whole reason why I even got myself into cricket. The sole reason why I’m so enthusiastic about the game. The only reason why I’m even on Twitter. Usually, people become a fan of a team because of a particular player but I became a fan of Raina and Dhoni because of this team. This team is what I’ve known and loved first before any player. It’s just so close to my heart. No disrespect intended but CSK means so much more to me than ICT. The team grew into me so much that I literally can’t think about IPL or cricket in general without them. The emotions and happiness this team gave me are immeasurable. In one way I feel happy for those two years. Made me realize how much I’m in love with this team.

Their official handle is following you on Twitter, how does that feel?

Initially, I didn’t care much about getting the follow back but the people around me I knew on Twitter were getting follows left and right and I grew envious of that. All thanks to the small bunch of good friends I’ve made on Twitter (RKWPA) I got that follow on my birthday. Will be the best thing to happen on my birthday for a long time.

You recently posted a photo of MS Dhoni in a new jersey that Team India will be wearing, and that picture went viral, how did you come up with this idea?

Well, it took me by surprise. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting it to be that big. I literally spent 5 minutes on it. I started doing some small edits during IPL time and some of them turned out pretty good. Then one night someone on Twitter replied to me saying that I should do an edit of Dhoni with the new jersey and then I just went on with it and tweeted it. It got a healthy amount of interaction in that night itself but it went huge the next couple of days. Even my real-life friends who don’t know my Twitter shared it to me and our friends group on WhatsApp. The best thing is I saw so many people ask if it was actually real. It was so funny and I’m glad I added a watermark. Thanks to @cskfansofficial and @msdfansofficial for sharing it on their Twitter and Instagram as well.

Who is your favourite Cricketer from the past and why?

Adam Gilchrist and Brett Lee were my favourites from the past. I was a huge fan of the Australian cricket team when I was a kid. I only used to watch their matches. I just think I have a thing for left-handed batsmen and fast bowlers in general. Most of my favourites are left-handed batsmen and fast bowlers. Brett Lee’s raw, tear away pace just excites me. In ICT Rahul Dravid was my favourite back then. I don’t know why. It’s the Britannia bat I guess.

What is your all-time XI?

I’ll take the privilege to make an IPL XI.

Virat Kohli
David Warner
Suresh Raina
AB de Villiers
MS Dhoni (c)
Hardik Pandya
Kieron Pollard
Ravichandran Ashwin
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Jasprit Bumrah
Lasith Malinga

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