Interview of Cricket Fans – 62

Thank you for your participation in this interview, first of all, tell us your early memories and how you fell in love with this sport.

Cricket, first love for me like millions of Indians. I was 6 when I first watched a live cricket match. That was India vs Australia world cup Final 2003. Just like the crores of ’90s kids, I used to follow SR Tendulkar the most in my childhood. But the cricketer who made me addicted to this game was MS Dhoni. First time I read about him was in my local newspaper when he scored a big hundred in a Ranji match against my state team Odisha. After 6-8 months, he was selected for the Indian team and when he made his debut I was very anxious for him. Then that magnificent 148 against Pakistan who can forget it. I was at my school then and I still remember how I followed that game. He inspired me the most in my school days. He is an emotion and somewhere down the line I feel he changed his game completely in the later stage of his career, also some of his decisions in his captaincy were just baffling but still when MS bats I pray for him to score big and his team to win. I can say he is one of the main reason why I’m addicted to cricket this much now.

Regarding that video you posted, its wrong to blame a player for the failure of an entire team especially when that player is AB De Villiers who scored 454 runs at an average of 45.40 (stats – Cricbuzz)?

Yes, I do feel you can’t just criticize a player who is performing outstanding but somehow his team is not winning. If winning a trophy is the only criteria to become a genius, then I do feel Sachin was not a great player till 2011, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Brian Lara, Anil Kumble are just ordinary players. The so-called journalist who gave nasty remark on AB, can he accept Ganguly / Dravid / Kumble were not great players? No, he won’t. AB has an outstanding average in ODI, WC and IPL. An individual can do only this much, rest depends on your team performance and God’s wish.

What was your initial reaction when you saw that video of Boria sharing his opinion on AB De Villiers?

I was following sports today from last 1 week. Boria sir did criticize AB 2-3 times in last 1 week so I expected he will repeat it again. But when he criticized this much, my initial reaction was – come on man! how can you criticize him like this especially when you are a reputed journalist. I do think he was frustrated. He used to select Virat Kohli as his fantasy captain from last 2-3 RCB games and always kept saying he is a big match player, he will lead from front today blah blah but that never happened so he just threw all his anger on AB yesterday. He kept saying AB has won just 2 games for RCB this year but in reality, he has won 4 games single-handedly for them. If you are a commentator and sports journalist but you don’t know the current stats like a player has played how many years for a franchise, how many matches he has won for his team this time (forget about last 2-3 years) etc, then better I shouldn’t speak more about such cricket pundits.

That video received over 1,440 quoted tweets suggesting that everyone expressed their views on what he said in that video, did you expect this tweet to bang?

When I posted this video, I never thought it would go viral everywhere. But surprisingly it did. I think that’s the love AB has among all cricket fans. People who watch cricket know this guy just gives his 200% in every game and opposition knows when there is AB on strike, you have never won even if you have Jofra, Rabada or Bumrah as your death bowler. So I must say, I’m not surprised the amount of criticism Boria getting now from all the cricket fans.

And now you have to delete that tweet sadly because of Twitter rules, it’s a sad thing, right?

Yes, deleting a viral tweet is a sad thing but on the other hand, it’s ok because I wanted to just expose his bias for some players and blind hatred against a cricketer like AB.

You have Jos Buttler in your DP and Rohit Sharma in your header, your thoughts on these two world-class players?

Jos Butler is my current favourite English Cricketer. I think he is going through the best phase of his career. In ODI and T20 he is probably one of the most valuable players across the world and in the test format also he is doing quite good. About Rohit, I’m a Rohit Sharma Fanboy since 2009. The way he went through the tough phases of his early career and now has become one of the greatest players in world cricket is quite remarkable. According to me, he has more impact in white-ball cricket for India in the last 3 years than Virat Kohli. Only thing I just want, he needs to maintain his fitness level more.

Thank you for this comment on my previous post.

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