Interview of Cricket Fans – 59 – VIRAT KOHLI

21,901 international runs, 70 centuries, an average of 53.63, 59.34 and 50.8 in Test, ODI, and T20 respectively (stats – Cricbuzz), Number 1 in ODI rankings and the list of his achievements can go on and on as it would take an entire article to describe his accomplishments and what he has done for Indian Cricket. As he turns 32 today, I interview one of his die-hard fans as he shares his favourite Kohli knocks and the memories associated and much more in this interview.

Thank you for your participation in this interview, share your early memory associated with this sport.

First of all, thank you so much for this opportunity for an interview, you are doing great work with this segment.

The earliest memory I can remember of this sport is of Yuvraj Singh hitting 6 Sixes in an over, it was all over media and headlines, so that was the first game I watched and later Indian went on to win that T20 World Cup, that was one of the great moments and that’s how I got attached to this sport.

Which are your top 3 knocks by Kohli which you enjoyed the most?

These are the top knocks of Virat Kohli that I loved the most :-

1.149 vs England, 1st Test 2018
2.123 vs Aus, 2nd test 2018
3. 82* vs Aus, QF of World Cup T20

Virat Kohli as a batsman, he is G.O.A.T. but what about Virat Kohli – the skipper, few words on his captaincy?

Virat Kohli the skipper is always in talks sometimes as both good and bad… But for me, he is one of the best captains, he may not be a very good tactical captain for some, but no one can deny that he is the leader every team needs, the passion and intensity which he brings to the field is amazing, he has been very good for India as well, he just needs a big trophy in his bag, that is not far away too I feel.

That knock of 133 in 86 balls was just a start of something special, your memory when he hit that knock?

That 133 vs SL was a masterclass. Words can’t describe how good of a knock it was, India to chase a massive total of 321 within 40 overs, it looked so tough but the GOAT made it easy, the over in which he smashed peak Malinga was so special, that memory will be forever with us.

Few words on that innings he played in the finals of 2011 World Cup?

Many don’t rate that knock of 35, but for me, this knock of 35 is his second most underrated innings after 43 vs ENG in CT’13 Final.

It was special, a 22-year-old boy soaked the pressure in the finals was unreal, wickets of both the openers fell early and he set up the game with Gambhir with their partnership.

He has broken so many records till now, which one is your favourite?

He has broken many records, it is extremely difficult to pick one out of those but I would like to pick his record of being fastest to 10K ODI Runs, achieved that milestone 50-60 innings earlier than Sachin Tendulkar, that is great and unreal at the same time.

Do you feel there is an aspect of cricket which he can go on to improve further?

He has done a lot, achieved a lot, I actually don’t know if he has any aspect to improve further but just him to bring his old self back which was fearless and aggressive both with the bat and on-field is something that I would like to watch.

And it’s his birthday today, what message would you like to pass on to him?

Just want to say that many happy returns of the day Virat, I cannot pen down how much I love you, just want you to always be happy and stay the same.

Thank you for this comment on my previous post.

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