Interview of Cricket Fans – 58 – VIRAT KOHLI

21,901 international runs, 70 centuries, an average of 53.63, 59.34 and 50.8 in test, ODI, and T20 respectively (stats – Cricbuzz), Number 1 in ODI rankings and the list of his achievements can go on and on as it would take an entire article to describe his accomplishments and what he has done for Indian Cricket. As the G.O.A.T. turns 32 today, I interview one of his die-hard fans as he shares his favourite Kohli knocks and the memories associated and much more in this interview.

Thank you for your participation in this interview, share your early memory associated with this sport.

My mom shares the similar passion for Cricket as mine. I still remember the interesting cricket stories of her era she used to narrate while we use to enjoy the telecast of live matches together!

Have you been to a stadium to watch an international/IPL match? If yes, what was the experience like?

Yes, I have been to the stadiums to watch International/IPL matches many a times & it has always been a great experience to be surrounded by the people who are equally crazy as I am!

When was the first time you saw Virat Kohli?

I was keenly following the 2008 U-19 World Cup & that’s when I saw Virat Kohli for the first time.

Which are your top 3 knocks by Kohli which you enjoyed the most?

1. His maiden Test century at Adelaide Oval
2. 183 vs Pakistan in Asia Cup 2012
3. 107 vs Pakistan in 2015 World Cup

I enjoyed his century against Pakistan in CWC ’15 the most because I witnessed it live at Adelaide Oval.

Virat Kohli as a batsman, he is G.O.A.T. but what about Virat Kohli – the skipper, few words on his captaincy?

The best thing about Virat Kohli is that he never lets captaincy affect his batting. He always leads from the front and gives enough freedom to his bowlers. I liked the way he keeps the team energized with his animated behaviour on the field!

That knock of 133 in 86 balls was just a start of something special, your memory when he hit that knock?

I was in a salon having a haircut & I remember people conversing about how it is impossible to chase down the target after Sachin & Sehwag’s dismissal. However, I kept my calm & believed that if anyone can chase it down, it’s Virat Kohli. The crowd at the salon to watch the match kept on increasing as Virat kept smashing all around the park & his die-hard fan (that’s me) was beaming in joy!

Few words on that innings he played in the finals of 2011 World Cup?

The responsibility with which Virat batted after walking in the middle at a point when almost half of India was in shock is commendable. That innings assured that India’s future is in safe hands!

He has broken so many records till now, which one is your favourite?

Most Centuries in a Calendar year as Captain.

Do you feel there is an aspect of cricket which he can go on to improve further?

I don’t think so, we should remember the fact that he is a human too though he makes it hard to believe sometimes!

It’s Virat Kohli’s birthday today, what would your message be to him?

Many many happy returns of the day VK bro, wishing you lots of runs, happiness and good health for the next year. Love & respect!

Thank you for this comment on my previous post.

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