Interview of Cricket Fans – 50 – Sachin Tendulkar

Thank you so much for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of watching this sport with respect to being a fan of Sachin Tendulkar.

Thank u so much for considering me for this interview as God of Cricket’s fan.

I started watching Cricket in 1999 and all I remember is people used to talk about him as and when cricket was discussed. And he was the reason why I started watching Cricket. Of course, with his longevity and flamboyant stroke-making on the ground and humbleness off the ground has made him the most loved personality of this game.

In his 24 years of International Cricket, he has broken plenty of records and reached multiple milestones, which is that one record, you are proud of as a Sachin Tendulkar fan?

I enjoyed every time he stepped into the Cricket field. As a fan, love his every run, wicket and catch. My favourite record is 200 test matches, that tells u about the fitness he maintained throughout his career. Also, the first Cricketer to score 200 in ODI cricket is something I always cherish.

Your memory when he reached his 200 against South Africa?

One of the best moment as Sachin fan. I remember I had teary eyes when he reached that milestone.. loved every bit of that innings.

Sachin Tendulkar, 100 International Centuries, next best is 71 by Ricky Ponting and 70 by Virat Kohli. Do you think he can beat it?

I think it’s hard to break that record given the amount of T20 Cricket being played and lesser focus on test cricket. Virat might break this record if he can maintain his form for the next 4-5 years. Else it looks hard to me.

2013 retirement was coming for a while, but it was like a national event and only one name was reverberating everywhere throughout the whole month of November – SACHIN SACHIN!!!

Ohh that was one of the saddest moment for not just me but almost every cricket fan around the world. Just the thinking of the fact that Sachin won’t be seen playing for India again was depressing. And his farewell speech was very emotional. I actually cried hearing that. I still miss him.

Which are your favourite Sachin Tendulkar knocks from each format?

Test – 241* vs Australia
ODI – 98 vs Pakistan
T20 – 100 vs Kochi Tuskers Kerela

Thank you @ananyaa_17 for your comment on my previous post.

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