Interview of Cricket Fans – 49 – INDIA

What made you fall in love with Cricket?

It was Rahul Dravid who made me fall in love with Cricket. There’s is a story behind it (which I can recollect). It was around 1997-1998, I was around 4 years old, a very naughty boy. So it was like one day I was playing with something which my mother forbid to do repeatedly but I wasn’t listening to her so my elder brother (whom I feared the most) called me inside the room where the Television was on. I sat beside him, and I clearly remember the exact words he told me. He said, “Look at the TV, he is Rahul Dravid and he plays cricket”, from that moment onwards I don’t know what struck me but I couldn’t take my eyes off from him. Those elegant drives, the sound of the bat (though I didn’t know anything about the game) and everything was making me feel so good about the game. From that day onwards I became a fan of it, my brother taught me to play and there was never looking back. My aim was to be a cricketer, but I was from Nagaland, where there’s no scope for Cricket, not even school cricket, but my love for the game and Rahul Dravid just increased with time and it is something I can never explain in words. For me Rahul Dravid is Cricket.

Do you remember the first time you watched this sport live? If yes, which was the stadium and which match was going on at that time?

As I said I was born and brought up in Nagaland, I never went outside North-east until I graduated. After completing graduation I thought of pursuing Company Secretary course from the ICSI but we didn’t had the Institution in Nagaland. So I came to Kolkata on May, 2016 to do some research on the Institute but I actually came during that month because IPL was going on and I was planning to watch a game of RCB. So my first live match was an IPL game between RCB and KKR on Eden Gardens on May 17th, 2016. My first International match was the 3rd ODI between India and England on the same venue dated 22nd January, 2017.

Tell me in your words about Indian Cricket. What do you like about it the most?

About Indian Cricket? Cricket is a Religion in India and Indian Cricket is passion. The best thing about Indian Cricket is every single player plays for the Nation, they play for the crowds. The aggression, the love, the passion for the game, the aim to make the Nation proud is the best thing I love about Indian Cricket.

Your favourite IPL team? And IPL player? And why?

My favourite player is Rahul Dravid. Since Rahul Dravid is not associated with IPL aymore so its Royal Challengers Bangalore, who is my favourite. RCB is favourite because AB De villiers is in the team and he my favourite IPL player. ABD is my favourite because I feel he carries the same off-field and on-field character like Dravid. Very down to earth, humble and no haters all together.

Which is your favourite format of the game? What do you like about it the most?

Favourite format of the game? Definitely Test Cricket. Test cricket tests a player’s temperament, patience and most importantly Skills. It is by far the best form of Cricket.

Your all-time XI?

All-time XI (Any Format)       
Matthew Hayden 
Sachin Tendulkar                                 
Sir Vivian Richards                            
Brian Lara                                            
Virat Kohli                                             
Jacques Kallis                                          
AB De Villiers (wk)                        
Sir Garfield Sobers                         
Shane Warne (C)                              
Wasim Akram                                  
Glenn McGrath

Thank You Jitendra for this comment on my previous post.

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