Interview of Cricket Fans – 46 – Sachin Tendulkar

It was on this day in 2013, the God of Cricket announced his retirement from all forms of the game. After 24 years of playing International Cricket, it was tough to digest the fact that we would be able to see Sachin Tendulkar bat only for one last time. Although we did get to see Sachin Tendulkar bat on a couple of occasions since then, but those weren’t in India Jersey. He had united the whole nation whenever he came in to bat and we all knew that there will come a day where he would have to hang his boots.

I got the opportunity to interact with a couple of Sachin Tendulkar’s die-hard fans and my first guest for this series is @Shebas_10dulkar

Thank you so much for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories of watching this sport with respect to Sachin Tendulkar.

First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity, My love for cricket started from 2003 WC, I was barely 6 years old at the time, had no knowledge about Cricket that time, I used to sit with my dad in front of the TV watching India’s matches, then I got to know everything about cricket while watching Sachin on the field. Then from 2004, I followed each and every match of Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar has united the cricket fans, not just from India but from across the world, and has made the nation proud. Your thoughts?

Yes, of course, he made our country proud by becoming the highest scoring batsman in the world and by creating n number of records. Even Don Bradman, the Australian cricket legend, said that Sachin reminded him of himself.

From Dhoni to Rohit, Kohli to Kane
He has been an inspiration to many of the upcoming players, he was an example of what a person could become with hard work & passion.

In his 24 years of international cricket, he has broken plenty of records and reached multiple milestones, which is that one record, in your opinion, you are proud of as a Sachin Tendulkar fan?

Being a fan of Sachin Tendulkar itself is enough to be proud, but when it comes to record apart of runs/centuries/awards, he became No.1 Test batsman at age of 21 years, 6 months (Which is something big to achieve at that age)

And which record you wished he had achieved but couldn’t get it?

It would be 16,000 runs in Test Cricket, before the announcement of two-match Test series against Windies, he needed 163 runs to achieve that feat, unfortunately, India won both matches by an inning, Sachin batted only twice and in 199th test got out by a wrong decision.

Some people don’t quite understand what he meant to Indian Cricket Team, and tried to degrade him by calling him all sorts of names, your take on this?

Before degrading Sachin, they must understand one thing, it was Sachin in the early 90s who inspired the whole country, which inspired thousands to follow Cricket and play for India like Dhoni, Kohli, Rohit etc.,

Your memory when he reached his 200 against South Africa?

I was in School that time, I didn’t even know India was batting first in that match,  because unlike now, I didn’t have mobile at that time to check the score, after finishing school I needed to attend tuition. There used to be 30 minutes gap from School to tuition, in between that time, I watched Sachin’s batting outside a shop, I was so happy he scored a century and that is when I went to tuition happily, during Class it was my Sir, who Said, Sachin scored Double Century, I Just couldn’t believe that time because I never heard a double hundred in ODI, I was so excited and I couldn’t listen, during the whole class my mind was fully focused on that innings, I just wanted to go home as soon as possible, when I reached home I just tuned all news channels, what a day that was, If I got a chance to revisit one inning by Sachin Tendulkar from the past, I would choose this one

Sachin Tendulkar, 100 International Centuries, next best is 71 by Ricky Ponting and 70 by Virat Kohli. Do you think he can beat it? And how many years further will he take if he beats his record in your opinion?

Records are meant to be broken, Sachin himself wants an Indian to break his record, If Kohli maintains same consistency, he can score 100 centuries at the end of 2024.

His documentary released in 2017 was very inspirational to a lot of people in so many ways, what was your biggest takeaway from that?

‘Whatever you want to be in life always give your best and never take shortcuts’

2013 retirement was coming for a while, but it was like a national event and only one name was reverberating everywhere throughout the whole month of November – SACHIN SACHIN!!!

That was the biggest mistake Sachin had done, he had broken hearts of billions of fans by taking retirement from cricket, I’m unable to accept the fact that he won’t bat anymore, I never wanted to miss that final test, even I took a holiday from school to watch the full test, that was the only time I prayed for WI to bat well, because I want to see Sachin’s batting again, unfortunately, that did not happen. Tears rolled down from my eyes when Darren Sammy caught that ball. That day was the official end of my childhood. The tears in Sachin’s eyes during retirement speech tells you how much Cricket meant to him. Thank you, Sachin Tendulkar, for everything!

Which are your favourite Sachin Tendulkar knocks from each format – Test, ODI, and T20 (IPL)?

Test : 241* vs Australia (2004)
ODI : 200* vs Southafrica (2010)
T20 : 74 vs CSK (2012)

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Thank you so much Sreejith for this comment on my previous post.

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