“Hopefully, I see Indian football at the World Cup before I hang up my boots” – Wayne Vaz

The new season of India Super League (ISL) will begin from November 21, 2020. This will be the seventh season of ISL, which is one of the top football leagues in the country. The players have already started preparing for the tournament, and I got the opportunity to interact with one of the players who will be representing Northeast United FC this year, via an e-mail Interview.

(📷 – Wayne Vaz Instagram account)

Wayne Vaz is an Indian footballer who currently plays for Northeast United FC as a defender in ISL.

What are your views on Indian football in the present scenario?

Indian football at the moment is just getting back to normal. All the ISL teams are prepping for pre season as well as the second division I-League qualifiers will commence next month. The I-League starts after the ISL. There is a steady growth in Indian football every season, the quality of football, facilities as well as a lot of fan following. The infrastructure at the grassroots level should be given a lot of importance. That is the root of the development of an athlete.

How do you compare ISL and I-League?

I league and ISL have a have a major difference in terms of organisation, facilities and also quality of players. The game is a lot more technical and advanced. For me personally I think Indian football should have one league with both the ISL and Ileague combined.

What sort of challenges did you face to get to this stage of your career?

Well, without challenges I wouldn’t be playing at the level I am today. Every athlete faces challenges. From discipline on the field, right up to sleeping and eating right. The major challenge I faced in my career was the transition from Semi pro to pro. You think you’ve made it to the top but that’s when all the hard work actually begins. Everyday is a challenge when you’re an athlete.

You played for Chennai City for a year, FC Pune City for two years, and also Churchill Brothers for I-League, and now you play for Northeast United, what sort of improvements you saw in your game as you gradually went along?

Every team, every training session, every game I’ve played was a lesson for me. You keep learning day in and day out. You never stop learning. I’ve gotten a lot more physical as to when I was in Chennai. I’ve become technically better as the seasons went by. Disciplined myself on and off the pitch.

(📷 – Wayne Vaz Instagram account)

Share your experience of playing for Northeast United FC.

My experience in the ISL has been really good. Northeast is a great franchise and the fans in the northeast have been very supportive. They really get behind the team. I think I’ve developed a lot and learning from experienced players like Asamoah Gyan. This year we’re looking for glory and win some silverware.

Which is your favourite League in football? And who is your favourite footballer?

My favourite league is the Premier League and favourite footballer is Sergio Ramos.

Where do you see Indian football on a world stage in the near future?

Hopefully, I see Indian football at the World Cup before I hang up my boots.

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