“Maybe the most competitive IPL ever is coming up” – Prabhu

IPL returns. Players from each of the 8 franchises will be back in action, as they battle it out for the greatest T20 League ever. But it’s not only the players that make IPL great, it’s the unconditional love and support of fans towards their respective teams and players, that makes this tournament even special.

I got the opportunity to interact with one of the fans, no wait, not fan but a superfan of none other than Chennai Super Kings, Prabhu Damodharan, to share few words on his team, favourite overseas player, favourite thala knock and much more in this article.

(📷 – Prabhu Damodharan’s Instagram)

How does it feel to be the co-founder of one of the biggest CSK fan club – Whistle Podu Army?

I would say I am just another fan like the millions of fans around and feels great that, with like minded friends, we got together to connect all the CSK fans and here we are after 5 years making all the noise.

How has your experience been so far?

I just feel I’ve a bigger responsibility leading the pack and as a group we need be trend setters just like our Team & Captain Cool.

Whenever we say CSK – only one name comes to our mind. Thala Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Which is your favourite knock by the legend himself?

I would say I always admire the leader in MS than the player. Would pick the World T20 2007 wicket keeping position where he stood for the bowl-out showed he really puts a lot of mind into the game.

(📷 – Prabhu Damodharan’s Instagram)

How badly will y’all miss the services of Chinna Thala?

An IPL without Mr.IPL is really sad. But then no point worrying on things not in our control. Hope he is spending quality time with family and here in UAE let’s hope that may be this is an opportunity for someone else to take it and perform.

Who is your favourite all-time overseas player from Chennai Super Kings?

Every Superking is like a family, if one – Mr. Champion aka DJ Bravo.

(📷 – Prabhu Damodharan’s Instagram)

They were consistent in the first two editions of the IPL, then the next two editions – 2010 and 2011 is when they got success, share your memories of those two victories?

Raina fifty (57) in 2010 finals & Ashwin picking Gayle in 2011 finals. I’ve framed that image with the signed team jersey I purchased in an auction.

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians – two top teams with top players and some intense rivalry since the inception of IPL, your thoughts?

Two top sides with Champion Players. One more consistent, another with more trophies. Have to say its the love story of IPL which everyone look upto.

How do you think your team will perform this year?

Maybe the most competitive IPL ever is coming up. CSK – Consistent & Top 4 yes. After that it’s anyone’s trophy to take.

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