Interview of Cricket Fans (ICF) – 36 — Mumbai Indians

Thank you so much for your participation in this interview, how long have you been following Mumbai Indians in the IPL?

Thank You so much for having me. For the first two seasons i used to watch IPL like a normal cricket enthusiast but being a fan of Sachin from the very first day I automatically got attached with Mumbai Indians but from 2010 I started following MI wholeheartedly.

Who are your two favourite players from this franchise?

Rohit Sharma and Lendl Simmons

After the 2010 heartbreak, what followed later is something special isn’t it? 2013, 2015, 2017, and the latest 2019 IPL trophy. Your memories associated with each one?

• 2013 victory was so satisfying for so many reasons. First, it was a maiden title and that too came against CSK (beautiful sweet revenge of 2010) and fitting farewell to our legend Sachin Tendulkar.

• 2015 victory came on my birthday so that night will be remembered forever.

• 2017 & 2019 season had extreme level of stress, games with so much of ups & downs. I still remember how fight broke out between two sides in my hostel, good old days though.

Mumbai Indians has been a franchise that stick to the winning combination and don’t like to chop and change much as compared to other teams, this means other players will keep warming the bench. Your thoughts.

Look when you’re team is winning & everything going in your way no team in the world would change the system & in Mumbai Indians the core set of players have always been fixed irrespective of their performances and many times this approach worked. A solid benchstrength is important to achieve glory but in our case our management strengthened already star-studded team so its a great headache to have.

What according to you makes Mumbai Indians one of the most successful teams in IPL history?

• Again, in Mumbai Indians, the beilef in the core players is too high, these guys have stuck with the squad for a long time & that extra experience has always helped.

• Long term vision while building a squad is one of the crucial aspect.

• MI is the place where uncapped players gets more backing from the management which helps to become a strong overall unit.

• This side has less number of orange & purple cap holders, that itself speaks about how balanced this side is and how collective contribution is the key for success.

So it’s Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings today, IPL opener, ‘India ka tyohar’ as they say is back. How do you think this team will perform this year considering, everything that has been going off-the-field.

To be honest, I’m wary about being so confident that our fans already presupposed we gonna lose the opener, yeah this is cool tradition, but this needs to change now hope today is the day to end this wanted/unwanted streak.

On paper squad looks so strong this season especially after the addition of some of the renowned players across the world but absence of quality spinners could hurt the momentum considering the pitches in UAE.

But with all these qualities present, I think Mahela’s tricky blues will attack rather than defend the title. So I’m all in for another trophy and hope corona will not be the obstacle in mega blue parade.

Thank You Jitendra for this comment.

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