Interview of Cricket Fans (ICF) – 31

Thank you for your participation in this interview, how did you fall in love with Cricket? Who or what inspired you to watch this sport?

First of all thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my story, I fell in love with this beautiful sport via newspapers which were coming at home daily, we had a radio here, Dadaji always used listen to All India Radio in which Cricket commentary used to come and in this way we used to listen to the matches & always used to go to our neighbour’s house for watching Cricket matches, those were the days of antenna only, you could watch DD national & DD news, we used to rent battery for 25-30 rupees because, in that time, the light wasn’t permanent like now & we used to collect money & then watch, what an amazing memory, pure nostalgia & thus the journey continues now through cable tv & smartphones.

What does this sport mean to you?

Cricket means emotional attachment to me, no one can give me that type of joy that Cricket has given to me, I still remember when 2011 wc final was going on, I was around 9 or 10, one uncle said to me hey relax, your heart is throbbing, please go from here & I watched the match at other place, it might sound funny but believe me it’s true and you know it’s World Cup final after all & India is playing, As like every Cricket fan we used to sit and listen and watch matches at midnight, I still remember that MS Dhoni’s iconic 15 runs in that over against Eranga in Celkon final, it was midnight & we were shivering literally and were listening to that match at midnight, I was bit more interested in Politics but it was frustrating one, but when I came back on Cricket, it relaxed me, also Cricket connects people, boundaries which is great thing & we know in India Cricket is a religion ,what can I say more about this glorious sport.

Tell us your views on Indian Cricket.

The best thing about Indian Cricket is that we have given many amazing heroes to the world that is inspiring & shining, making us and India proud, and we have won 2 ICC ODI trophies, a T20 trophy, 2 Champions trophy, Natwest final win, Border Gavaskar trophy in Australia & winning in overseas gives me the utmost pleasure.

Things I don’t like is we are failing in knockout games in ICC trophies recently but I am hopeful that we will do it soon and one more thing I would like to add about our team management is that no one knows who will be given chance and deserving players will not get selected or may sit out at bench.

2007 World T20 Trophy, 2011 World Cup Trophy, 2013 Champions Trophy, your thoughts?

To be honest, I don’t know much about 2007 T20 World Cup victory because I was too young and didn’t know what Cricket actually was. No one expected that we were going to win but that man from Jharkhand had other plans as he changed the concept of T20 Cricket in India and after that IPL was created and we all know where IPL has reached now.

2011 World Cup, it was the first ICC event that I was watching, I was bit tensed like I told u earlier, it was magical moment, I was in school that time, coming from school & watching those games, it was the King Kohli’s beginning, Sachin’s ending & Dhoni’s brilliance,Yuvi was just ‘wow’ & Gambhir was brilliant in the final, Zaheer Khan was outstanding & others also supported him brilliantly, it was totally a team effort.

2013 Champions Trophy was really special for us. This gave Dhoni the unique record of being the first Captain to win all three ICC limited overs, it was special because Of Rohit-Dhawan Partnership, King Kohli was on top as usual, the spin-duo of Ashwin- Jaddu, also their handy contribution from bat & Ishant Sharma was too good as well. I remember this game ended very late in India here, it was a 20 over final but what an amazing comeback by the Indians in the end, as Harsha said Tredwell misses, Dhoni misses & India win the Champions Trophy.

Who is your favourite Cricketer – one from India and one from overseas?

My favorite player currently in Indian team is Virat Kohli and Shreyas Iyer, I still remember that first ton of Virat in which Gauti gave his MoM. I recently became a fan of Shreyas Iyer, the way he played that season in Ranji trophy, and in IPL, we all know about his charismatic captaincy & performance and he now has cemented his number 4 ODI place by playing amazingly in that format, and I want him to perform like that more in t20s so no one can question him and I also want to see him in White Jersey as well and I am hopeful that he will lead India in the future.

ABD was my favourite overseas player but since he has retired, Babar Azam is now my favourite.

Which is your favourite IPL team?

My favorite IPL team is RCB, as my two favourite duos Virat & ABD are in this team. Against every team, we see these two players tonk the bowlers, it is the best sight for the cricketing world and ofcourse for fans like us who desperately want to see our idol smashing bowlers, laughing with each other. This duo is just brilliant. Just can’t see them losing. We have a brilliant team this year & hopefully we’ll win – Ee Sala Cup Namde.

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