Interview of Cricket Fans (ICF) – 26 – Statisticians

Statistics – one of the most complex activities one can do if that person is genuinely interested in numbers. It requires a lot of research, along with tremendous patience in order to get the stat you want. My next guest is one of the fans who loves numbers and is fully into statistics as he posts a lot of them on his Twitter handle @The_BeardMan_

Thank you so much for your participation in this interview, tell us your early memories associated with this sport.

Thank you, Jay, for this opportunity.

It dates back to the late 90s.
Have so many fond memories of playing with my cousins and friends in my colony.
I have vague memories of Sachin’s Sharjah storm. And, 1999 WC is when I started following it closely

Have you been fortunate enough to watch a Cricket match live in a stadium? If yes, share your experience.

Yes, many of them.
2 International matches and countless IPL games, only in Pune though. Haven’t had the opportunity to watch else.

The atmosphere is unreal at MCA stadium. Its worth every penny u spend.
RCB v RPS encounter in 2016 is my favourite game.

Almost 90% of the crowd was supporting Pune, and the stadium was purple. But as soon as AB walked in and joined Virat in the middle, suddenly all the purple flags went down and the crowd started waving the red one echoed with chants of RCB RCB.

How did you fall in love with statistics related to this sport?

Actually, its no love affair. Its just that I was into Trivia and facts from the very beginning. Not just only related to cricket but into variety of other fields.

Some, unknown facts, incidents always excite me.
For eg – Sachin has bowled more overs in Odis than Shoaib Akhtar.
I like digging such things related to the sport

Do you memorize all the stats or do you note it down somewhere?

Memorising is impossible. I remember many of the important ones if I had followed that series or a particular game.

Coming to the 2nd part of the question,
I only do it while following a major tournament, for eg I did that during last WC and for many games. It helps

So what is the total number of stats that you have written for last year’s World Cup? And also share what type of stats you had included.

Well, noting down was for a purpose.
For eg, I came to know about 2 stats.
Williamson broke Sanga’s record for most runs between dismissals
And he scored some 29% of team runs. Highest for a captain.
As I had already arranged numbers of previous World Cups in some order, this helped me in knowing these stats about Kane.

Throw me one of the most mind-blowing stat you can ever think of.

There are many. This one came to mind so,


Do you think stats only tell one side of a story or do you think it shows us everything?

Its the former. It can never ever tell u everything.
We can use them as per our convenience to show x>y or vice Versa

Which aspect of stats do you enjoy the most? Stats related to batting or stats related to bowling? Or any other?

No specific stats. But I like digging the one’s which require some manual work and are not easily available on popular websites.

For eg. If I want to find about some Batsman’s runs and SR after he comes to bat in the 25th over. Or, a batsman who top-scored most no of times. These aren’t available on stats guru for eg. So you need a lot of tedious work, scan through 3-4 databases and then compile your results developing your own commands and queries

Thank You so much for this wonderful comment @LifeIsAnElation

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