Thank you so much for taking out the time to read this article. This is regarding a series of my blog, for which I’m asking a few questions about feminism and how it is been misunderstood by most people.

I got the opportunity to interact with Kinjal Panchal who speaks about certain myths of being a feminist in this interview article.

Why do you think people get judgemental when they hear that someone is a feminist? What do you think stirs discomfort in people when they hear the word ‘feminism’?

  • People get uncomfortable with someone being a feminist because the term has been largely misconstrued in general. They presume that feminism is a ‘men-bashing’ movement. It is absolutely not that. It means establishing equality between men and women in terms of opportunities, work and responsibilities in every walk of life. It is a movement that aims at empowering both men and women.

‘All men are trash’ is a phrase that has been blown out of proportion and has been a constant topic of debate amongst people, what do you think is the reason behind this?

  • Because when a man does something wrong, that wrong-doing is generalised for the entire male gender, which is wrong on so many levels. And this has combined with the entire men-hating notion that people assume that feminism stands for and this further degenerates the main motive of the said movement. Clubbing a few characteristics of a few men and painting the entire male gender with that same colour is stereotyping them, which is exactly what feminism fights against.

As a citizen of India, and as a woman, do you feel safe in your country?

  • This actually depends on situation to situation. There have been times when I’ve been made to feel extremely uncomfortable even in a room full of people by some creepster. And there have been moments when I have felt relief knowing that a man is walking ahead of me on a lonely street.

If you were given the power to take measures against the crimes happening to women, what would they be?

  • I would start with education. I would take initiatives to make boys and girls understand the concept of ‘consent’ and equality, that no gender is superior and there are no gender-specific roles. I would also take steps to break gender stereotypes.

Have you ever gotten unsolicited pictures in your DM’s? How have you dealt with that?

  • Thankfully, I haven’t.

How do you respond when you realise that a man has been staring at you? Do you get conscious when this happens or does that lower your confidence?

  • I have stared back at them in some situations and ignored them in some.

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