The Nikit Dhumal Interview

My next guest is someone who made his Twenty20 debut for Maharashtra in the 2016–17 Inter State Twenty-20 Tournament.  He was also a part of Mumbai Indians squad in 2015/16 but unfortunately was ruled out due to shoulder injury. This right arm medium pacer has bagged 36 wickets in 18 matches in first class cricket and has best bowling figures in an innings with 5/78. My next guest is Nikit Dhumal as I got the opportunity to have a chat with him regarding the impact of IPL on Ranji Trophy and a bit more in this article.

Thank you so much for taking out time to talk to me, for how many years have you been playing professional Cricket?

I am playing Professional cricket from last 8 years.

Which format of Cricket would you prefer to play and why – Test Cricket, One-Day Cricket or T20 Cricket?

I will Prefer test Cricket on any given day because its a real test for a cricketer for everything.

Which type of format is more suitable for your game – Test Format or One-Day/T20 Format?

I adjust accordingly to the formats. But Test I will prefer more.

Which tournament would you prefer as a medium to get in to the Indian Cricket Team – Ranji Trophy or IPL? And why?

Ranji Trophy. Because Ranji trophy level is considered as tough as International in elite groups. If you perform consistently there, the India Team doors are always open.

In your opinion, what is the impact of IPL and T20 Cricket on domestic leagues such as Ranji Trophy? 

Yes IPL has affected Ranji Trophy because nowadays People follow IPL more than Ranji cricket. Also before IPL the value of a Ranji Trophy player used to be more which is not nowadays.

Do you feel there is a sense of disconnection amongst the current cricketers with respect to playing the domestic league such as Ranji Trophy as compared to IPL?

I don’t think there is any disconnection. But there is always a change of thought between Old Cricketers and The current cricketers. But not in current ones.


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