Interview of Cricket Fans (ICF) – 19 – Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is India’s pride. Whenever India looses an early wicket in limited overs, Virat Kohli always steps up coming in at number 3 position in the batting order. He is someone who can take the game away from the opposition and is a complete match winner. He is not just a good limited overs batsman, but is also a proper test match player who has got plenty of runs both home and away specially in the last 5 years. My next guest or should I say fan, in this Virat Kohli series of interviewing fans, is @SimplyWazza

Thank You so much for your participation in this interview, share your early memories of watching Cricket and how you fell in love with this sport?

Earliest memory of cricket is Sachin Tendulkar masterclass in sharjah in 98. I was merely 8 year old kid and cricket back then was like a religion in every family. It’s still is.

My father is a die hard cricket fan so obviously the game grew on me when I was just a little kid. Sachin made me fall in love with the game just like every other kid.

When was the first time you saw Virat Kohli on TV?

First time I saw kohli when we beat South Africa in U19 world cup final.
The determined look on his face just as a teenager was just unbelievable. You’d see how much he wanted it. He was all over newspaper after we won the cup. He never looked back after that.

Have you been fortunate enough to meet Virat Kohli ? If you had a chance to meet Virat Kohli, what would be the first question you would ask him?

No I’m not fortunate to meet him yet but i’m fortunate enough to witness his master class in IPL live a few times.

I dont know what i’ll ask tbh if i get to meet him because i’d be just start struck. I’m a huge fan. I’d probably ask him what makes him drive to be the best everyday. How he is so determined to be the best all the time. His daily regime.

Your top 3 Virat Kohli knocks across all formats? (Mention 1 from Tests, 1 from ODI’s and 1 from T20s)

Well there are many knocks of his that would make you go off your seat but if i’ve to pick best of the best then
Tests: 149 vs England at Nottingham considering how much he struggled in 2014 in england. All eyes were on him and we were in trouble when he came to bat. Class innings.

ODI- there are many but i’d pick 133 vs Sri Lanka at Hobart in 2012 because of the situation as it was a must win game on top of we had to win it within 40 overs. He came to bat and then smoked mallinga all over the ground.

T20: Has to be 81 vs Australia. No brainer there. Again knockout situation. We’re in trouble losing couple of wickets. Yuvi couldn’t get going. 39 needed of last 18 and we won the game with 5 balls to left thanks to the genius of this man.

What is that one thing about Virat Kohli, apart from his Cricketing abilities, that you like the most?

The thing I like about him the most apart from his cricket is his sheer determination, grit, mentality and hard work. You’d from a chubby boy coming from delhi with a typical of flamboyant attitude in his early years to a success driven successful cricketer now. So yeah it’s his mentality that I admire the most about him. More than his Cricket actually

Which is that one biggest milestone, apart from most centuries in ODI’S, do you think Virat Kohli can break?

Sky is the limit for him so I think he’ll break many more records before he hangs up his boots. ODI centuries record, he’ll easily beat that.

Your thoughts on Virat Kohli – The Captain?

As a captain I feel he still has a lot to work upon especially in crunch situations but I like how he gives confidence to his bowlers and ask them to lead. The rise of indian pace bowling attack in recent years is all down to him esp Shami and Ishant. He’d grown eventually as a captain. No doubts about that

Do you think we will be able to see the 2016 version of Virat Kohli in IPL ever again in the future?

He’s only 31 and still in his prime. With Kohli you don’t say NO because he’ll always prove you wrong. His determination is unmatchable. I’ve no doubts that he’s capable of producing the same season in IPL.

Which is that one revolutionary aspect about Virat Kohli you are extremely fond of among these two – Is it the fitness aspect that he brought in the team or is it his on-field aggression that changed the mindset of India’s style of play?

The revolutionary aspect has to be the change of mindset because you can work on your professional skills as a cricketer but you also need to have a right mindset with small details such as your fitness, your priorities. Small details but it matters the most and when the Capitan is leading from the front, others are bound to follow him.

How do you think Virat Kohli will fare in this year’s IPL?

This IPL will be of uncertainty I feel because there has been a huge gap because of covid pandemic. It’ll take some time for every team to hit form as they haven’t had a game time in a long period. I believe RCB and Kohli will be there for the playoffs spot and he’ll score minimum of 500 runs personally

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