Interview of Cricket Fans (ICF) – 15

Pakistan fans are one of the most passionate fans of Cricket you will ever see. The way they support their team with all their heart is exhilarating to watch. Being a fan of this team has its own challenges considering the way Pakistan play their Cricket and the high’s and low’s they go through. But that’s where fan’s loyalty is tested. My next guest is one of the most passionate and loyal fan from this part of the world, and supports the team irrespective of how they perform, is Mani whose username goes by the name – @ManiTweets14

Thank You so much for your participation in this interview, share your early memories of watching Cricket and how you fell in love with this sport?

Hi First of all Thanks for having me Bro. I’m Humbled. My Early Memories of Falling in Love with this Amazing Game was when I was a kid back in 2002 ( Colombo Test b/w PAK & AUS ) Still Remember that Brutal Spell from Shoaib Akhtar. Those days we did’nt have the facilities of Cable, So Missed Many Games. Love for the Game was there But After that CT 2004 Match b/w PAK & IND I Really Really Fell in Love with this Game so Much that Even I Missed the School on Match Days.

Were you fortunate enough to watch a Cricket match live in a stadium?

I was Just 10 Years Old When I First Went to the Stadium to Watch the Match ( Rawalpindi Test b/w PAK & IND ) My Uncle Helped me too ( He was on DUTY in that Game ) He was so Lucky that He Met Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly & took his Autograph. Apart from that I’ve also Witnessed Some Domestic/Charity Matches. Now that Int’l Cricket has Returned to PAK So There are Plans of Watching the Game Live in the Stadium again. SOON.

What do you like about Pakistan Cricket the most? What makes Pakistan Cricket Team different from other teams in your opinion?

Well Being a Fan of Pakistan Cricket Team is Really Hard ( as all of us Know the Reason Pretty well ) But at the Same Time Its about Passion, Craze & so Much Love. The Thing that I Really Like about PAK Cricket is Whenever They Play as a Unit. Another thing is ‘Fast Bowling’ We have a History in this & thats Where We are so Famous in World Cricket as Once Ravi Shastri said “If you Shake a Tree in Pakistan, a Fast Bowler would Fall Down” So thats Couple of things that I Really Like about Our Cricket. “UnPredictibility” is What Makes PAK Team Different from Others I Believe. They will Lose a Game from a Winning Position & then All of a Sudden from Nowhere They’ll Produce Something Extraordinary When No One Really Expects from them. I always Remember those Words from Nasser When He Said that ” I Think We have Worked Out Which PAK have Turned Up Today & Its the One to be Afraid off”

Who are your two favourite Cricketers of all time?

Well Its Easy for me. From Pakistan It has to be Mohammad Yousaf. My All Time Fav Player. Its Just the way He Played was Amazing & so Pleasing to the Eyes. Other One is Rahul Dravid. Again a Fantastic Player. LEGEND & a Great Team Man.

Who is your favourite Indian Cricketer of all time?

As Mentioned above Rahul Dravid Easily is My all Time Fav Indian Player. That Textbook Technique, Forward Defense. I Really Like him so Much. Square Cut is My Fav Shot in Cricket & that Because of him. Many Dont Know But I Really Like his Nickname ‘JAMMY’ Down to Earth. Very Humble. Rahul Dravid has done Everything What a Cricketer can do for his Country. Massive Respect for him & He’ll Remain as My All Time Fav Indian Cricketer Forever.

Your thoughts on Pakistan-India rivalry? If we had a full-fledged tour (3 tests, 5 ODI’s and 3 T20I’s) between these two countries, how will they pan out in each test playing country?

PAK vs IND has a Long History. Always Enjoyed Each and Every Match Since I’ve Started Watching. Its a Different Feeling. I’m Lucky Enough to Witness the Matches those Days When They were Both Playing Regularly. Bilateral Series Should Happen b/w the 2 Countries, Millions of Fans want the Same. Currently I Believe India has a Very Strong Team & on Paper They’ll be Strong Provided If Series Happens. This PAK Team can Give them Tough Challenge though. But We can Only Discuss this in Detail If the Series Happens Which I dont think is Gonna Happen anyway soon. Sadly.

Pakistan’s future lies in Babar Azam who has shown everyone he has tremendous potential worldwide, what are your thoughts on this young talent?

I First saw Babar Azam in U19 WorldCup. He Played a Drive against Hazlewood & from there I Really Believed that this Guy is Going to be a Future Star. Now that He’s Our Best Batsman in the Country so thats Why all the Hopes are on him. He’s a Fantastic Player & There’s a Reason World Praises him alot. Babar is Now a Brand in Pakistan & Many Young Player Should Look Forward to him that How He Plays, How He Goes about his Buisness & One Main thing which I Really Like about him that He Stays away from Social Media ( He Does’nt Use Much ) and his Focus is Completely on the Game. He’ll Achieve Much More and InShaAllah He’ll Break Many Batting Records. I Hope He Delivers as Captain too, Mr Cover Drive.

Like Babar Azam for Pakistan, India too have Jasprit Bumrah who has the potential to be a future great for India, what do you have to say about him and how do you think this battle between Babar Azam and Jasprit Bumrah pan out in the future?

Jasprit Bumrah is a Brilliant Bowler. There was a Pressure on him After that CT 2017 Final as Many People Criticized him But He came Back Strongly & has Proved that He Belongs to Intl Cricket & He’s here to Perform for his Country. Abit UnOrthodox Action But I Really Like his Energy, that Zip & the Angle which He Creates. Alot will Depends on his Fitness too in Future But I Wish him Best of Luck. Yeah It’ll be One Hell of a Contest b/w him and Babar. Thats Why I Really want a Test Series b/w PAK and IND. Both are Amazing & It’ll be a Treat for us Fans When They’ll Face Each Other.

Which is your favourite Wasim Akram spell of all time?

Well I Dont Have Enough Words for LEGEND Wasim Akram. An Absolute Master & One of the all Time Great. He has Delivered Plenty of Match Winning Spells But If I’ve to Pick One then I’ll Certainly Go with that MAGICAL SPELL in 1992 WC Final that Helped us to Clinch the Title. Those Couple of Deliveries from Round the Wicket will Remain in Our Hearts & Minds Forever. Absolute MindBlowing.

Cricket is slowly returning in this part of the world and recently Joe Root also said he would love to visit Pakistan, do you see other teams touring Pakistan in the next 5 years or so?

Finally After a Long wait Cricket has Returned to Pakistan with Teams Like BAN, WI, SL, World X1, ZIM & then Recently the Tour of MCC has Played a Major Role. Last PSL Which held in PAK was an Example that Its Safe to Play here with Great Crowd Support and Brilliant Atmosphere. Recently Michael Atherton too came in Pak for Some Documentry & Now Joe Root said that He’ll Love to Play in PAK. Thats a Fantastic Gesture Really. Soon Top Teams will Tour Pakistan & thats What We as Fans Desperately wanted cozz We Missed that alot in the Past. Likes of Root/Stokes Playing in Pindi, Lahore & Karachi. It Really cant Get Better than this. Anxiously Waiting.

Create your dream team consisting of Asia players only. You can select as many players from any country you like.

Saeed Anwar
Sachin Tendulkar
Rahul Dravid
Mohammad Yousaf
Aravinda De Silva
Kumar Sangakkara ( WK )
Imran Khan ( C )
Wasim Akram
Waqar Younis
Anil Kumble
Muttiah Muralitharan

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