Interview of Cricket Fans (ICF)

Don’t we all love it when a news websites uploads an article of their interview of your favourite sports personalities where they share things that may have not been shared before? Don’t we all love it when your favourite sportsperson gets candid in an interview and shows a human side to their fans and followers? But what about fans and followers themselves? Most of the Cricket fans have already been exposed by this sport in their childhood and have so many memories of it but we hardly notice them because they are fans and not actual sports celebrity. That’s where an idea popped into my mind and I thought instead of interviewing players, why not take an interview of fans themselves and what better platform than Twitter for this. I am going to be interviewing fans from around the world who have an active Twitter account starting from India and since I have been following this account for 8+ months, I decided to interview Udit Buch from Baroda via Twitter DMs.

@udit_buch has been on Twitter since 2013 and as you can see from his bio, it’s pretty evident that he is a hardcore Cricket fan and often tweets when there is a match going on. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the interview.

So first of all I would like to thank you for agreeing for this interview, this is my first here on Twitter and you are my first interviewee for this series. I would like to start off by asking you what made you fall in love with Cricket? What made you feel like, “Wow, what a beautiful sport this is”?

Even I don’t know how I became obsessed haha,but my family they used to see matches and around 2002 period, that’s when I started to know the game and the rest is history

That must be a special feeling watching the game with your family, how was it then?

It was fun. They weren’t as keen as me but I like a normal Indian family would watch a match, would keep an eye on the score going around that’s it. So, I started to follow it too and now became an obsessed lover of the game. No regrets anyway

Do you remember the first time you watched this sport live? If yes, which was the stadium and which match was going on at that time?

In the stadium,it was surprisingly late than expected. If you talk about international cricket,it was 2007 game vs Windies at Baroda,31st Jan to be precise. Sachin scoring his 41st hundred,I think not sure with that number though

So tell me in your own words about Indian Cricket, things you like, things you don’t like, anything and everything.

Things I like: Our domestic structure is really fine,we do care for the talent. MS Dhoni is one such example,you can be the best player in the world if you are not from a big cricketing centre like Mumbai or Karnataka and still rock the world. Irfan Pathan, Munaf Patel etc other examples
Things I dislike: I can’t remember anything like that but I feel it is upto the team, captain and coach etc of the given time that have drawbacks and advantages. Like currently we complaint about Kohli not giving chances to Pant and all but again it will depend on the captain.

Describe your feelings of 2007, 2011 and 2013 ICC trophies that we won under Dhoni’s captaincy, where were you watching these games, with friends or family?

2007 T20 WC: First of all,we all know that we were playing without three of our best and most senior players. So we were one of the weakest teams going into the tournament. Also we only played 1 T20I tournament before playing the WC,and MS Dhoni was leading the first game of his life.Add all this to a horrible WC exit,like few months back, I never expected we will defeat an invincible Aussies of those times. But we did and that kept me thinking we can actually win this. Coming to the final and that famous Misbah scoop, I thought this is going over the ropes and it’s a six. But I heard Ravi Shastri in his voice,”It’s Sreesanth under it,he takes it,India win” all the emotions of the world came out LOL. Also I was watching with few friends,and there was last day of Ganesh Chaturthi but because of the finals our society started the prayers a couple of hours late just because of the match.

2011: These were tricky times for me,I was about to appear for board exams and we were playing the WC at the very same time.And for the same reason,the TV cables of my house were cut. But I would go and catch some action by watching at neighbour’s house  However just when the group stage ended,my vacations started too and luckily watched the knockout games  live without any extra pressure. Ofcourse Dhoni’s last ball six ♥️ And the whole city was celebrating it as a festival. And I am quite sure this wasn’t just a case in my city, almost every town,city, village of India was jubilant. After all Cricket is not just a game in India. And to win a WC,after 28 years? You live for these occasions

2013 Champions Trophy: Again one of our successful campaigns,this time I was totally enjoying my vacation. This time we had a new set of top-3. That famous move of Rohit opening the game and Kohli,who had just become a new blue eyed boy of Indian cricket. We won all the games ever so easily and fortunately after it rained the whole day,the final was possible, albeit a shortened 20 over final but the game was on. I was awake till 2 am IST for that winning moment,almost about to give up after Ishant gets belted by Morgan for what I thought was a final nail in the coffin,but what followed was an absolute plot twist,like we see in movies. Ishant took 2 set batsmen in 2 balls and in the end we won the game. Still remember MS Dhoni dancing in joy when the last ball was bowled,one of the few times he let his emotions out.

Between Sourav Ganguly, MSD and Virat Kohli, name one Cricketer that you think has brought a massive change in the Indian Cricket Team.

They all have done their bit. Ganguly helped our team to stand up after we were in a turmoil of match fixing saga. Brought youngsters like Yuvi,Kaif,Bhajji,Zak,MSD etc that would go on and win us the WC.
MS Dhoni: The man who transformed our wins into tournament wins. The only captain who has CT,WC and T20 WC under his belt. Need I say more?
Kohli: He changed the fitness culture of the team,plus made India one of the best fast bowling unit due to the same fitness culture. I have not seen any fast bowler breaking up or getting injured more often due to his fitness mantra.

Ok coming to present status of the team, what do you think what went wrong in the last couple of ICC tournaments for India? We got knocked out by SL in the finals, then Aus in the SF, then Windies in the SF, then Pak in the final and finally NZ in SF. Why do you think we haven’t stepped across the line and made it through the end because we definitely did deserve to win most of these events tbh.

In most of the games,it is the failure of top 3. And they perform almost in all grp stage of the tournament and on most occasions fail in KOs,these also puts pressure on MO batsmen as they don’t have had as much experience to play in the pressure situations, hopefully it’ll change in future

So that brings me to the next question, who do you think deserves to be in the no.4 slot in 50 over format? Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Iyer, Ambati Rayudu or any other name?

On current basis,Shreyas Iyer,no doubt. The lad has earned his place,so deserves it

Since I was talking about Aussies so I would like to ask that first. Describe the battle between these two nations. Why is there always a controversy surrounding these two teams whenever they have a go at each other? And if you had to create a dream 11 between these two sides, what will it be? You can pick any player from any generation.

India Australia is probably the best rivalry in the present day international cricket. Also the fans have a huge part to play in this. Right from the heartbreak of loosing 2003 WC, people of our age have always professionally hated them isn’t it . Sydney test of 2008 made it worst. We all know Australia were a Champion team right from late 90s to late 2000s and they were a bunch of aggressive guys too, would sledge you the worst of abuses. And when we were playing with Gnaguly,Sachin,Dravid etc we guys were very humble, gentleman etc so we would either get disturbed by their mouthings or choose not to reply. However,come Kohli and the same Aussies have started complaining as they are now on the other side of the shore  Kohli and co. believe in answering the Aussies with both,mouth and performance. This has made our rivalry step up on another level! And there’s so much fun!

Dream Playing 11,tough to pick out of any generation as both the countries have a very rich and proud history but here I am giving a go:
1. Sachin Tendulkar
2. Mathew Hayden
3. Don Bradman
4. Ricky Ponting (C)
5. Steve Smith
6. Virat Kohli
7. MS Dhoni (WK)
8. Kapil Dev
9. Shane Warne
10. Glenn McGrath
11. Dennis Lillee

There you go, that’s Udit Buch for you. He has been following Cricket since 2002 and has been an ardent fan of this sport since then. His first memories of this game was when India was playing against England and Rahul Dravid hit a double century in 2002. Back then, he thought no one had scored as many runs as Dravid scored that game but that was just a small taste of what was in store for him as Cricket fan and specially and Indian Cricket Fan. He has also become a Rahul Dravid fan since then as his bio also clearly suggests so.
So that was the end of the interview, it was great fun having a chat with another Cricket fan and getting to know their perspectives on the sport that we so dearly love. Thank You so much for reading this article, I will be interviewing fans from around the world to know more about their point of views through Twitter so make sure you guys follow me there – @bhavsarJ2_0

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